Rebuilding Apostolic Women

In our communities, as well as in our churches, we are encountering more and more women who have suffered from traumas, abuses both mentally, physically and emotionally, which has robbed them of fully walking and becoming the women God created and predestined them to be. The Lord has placed upon my heart to bring women together to have an intimate time of fellowship, discussions and dialogue where we can minister healing and wholeness to one another in a non-threatening environment.

R.A.W. (Rebuilding Apostolic Women) will be such a place where you will experience the loving hand of the Father as we open our hearts to healing, transparency and sharing with other women who have experienced different degrees of rejection, hurt and sufferings. You will receive encouragement to become the repairers of the breaches, restorer of walls and to walk in the dimension of righteousness, holiness, integrity and freedom.

My prayer and hope for R.A.W. gatherings is that we as women will be like a well-watered garden.